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Forest Art Park – Artisti in Residenza – Cinnamon and Rowan Stephens

Cinnamon and Rowan Stephens (Angle sea – AUSTRALIA) was in Residence in May 2016

Australian sculptors, Cinnamon Stephens and her husband Rowan created two large sculptures in iron (ferro)and a smaller piece in wire (filo) during their 10 day residency.
We were so honored to be selected to attend this incredible residency. I was so inspired by the Conte Racani property with its beautifully renovated old farm buildings and ancient areas of woodland. Our pieces were directly inspired by the property.
Racani Yin Yang represents the racani lizards that are seen everywhere and are the namesake of this farm property. I have designed the two racani in a balanced, serene yin yang symbol. This has then been mounted on a pedestal created from iron trusses found on the property scrap pile. The creative ironwork leaves in the pedestal come from the exterior walls of La Stalla, where we were staying.

Potenza e Armonia della Natura ( the Power and Harmony of Nature) was inspired by the magnificent rocks, roots, vines (edera) and trees growing together in powerful harmony found in the woods area of the Racani property. The poppies (papavero) were blooming wonderfully at this time of year, and the green glass (vetro verde) wine/olive oil storage bottle, along with much of the iron in this sculpture was sourced from the farm.
This piece depicts nature forcing its way through the mossy rocks and up the pedestal towards the sun. Poppies spring forth; the ivy vines and tree roots wrap their way skyward and together they embrace the green bloom at the top! Installed at the base of a magnificent old oak tree, the green relates to the canopies of oak leaves and the ironwork seems to grow from the ground.
Podere Conte Racani “il filo”  I also created the name of this beautiful hospitable property using the old fencing wire and attached it to a historic wooden bovine yolk that hangs over the fireplace in La Stalla. This was a gift to Anna, our wonderful host.
Thank you Tomaso for a magical two weeks, Bouna Fortuna with your cultural park dreams xx
Grazie mille e Ciao
Cinnamon (Cannella) e Rowan

To see a video interview to Cinnamon and Rowan go HERE